Many answers and all things that I have experienced with both my cat and my dogs in regard to your dog sticking its tongue in and out, my chow-golden retriever mix does that when you scratch an area he cannot reach on his own, my cat also does it very quickly (he is very large and is unable to groom his own back) so especially when brushing his back. We have an 11 yr old American Black Lab (Chelsea). Dog symptoms: dog acts drunk after mild physical exertion? After 2 days of symptoms, Vet ER prescribed metronidazole. Why? She doesn't,t have fleas, she does have small tumors here and there. Shaking or trembling in senior dogs can be caused by a very long list of conditions, but a handful of diagnoses rise to the top of the list. These are the only symptoms displayed. My Dog a 11 year old beagle has back spasms as my vet calls them she is on predisone once a day everyother day and tramadol twice a day also robaxin twice a day. Since then she has been very lethargic and has not eaten anything, she is drinking water but now 24 hours later does not seem any better and is sleeping most of the time. Can he get something from my cat? He has had 3 lumps this year on his body too. For some dogs, leaving the tongue sticking out of their mouth is just a sign of complete relaxation. and what should i do? What could cause small bumps around the outside of a dog's vaginal area? Is it true German Shephards breeding is causing them to have dymeylination syndrome & constipation?? He has not been showing any other symptoms at present and it does not seem to bother him at the minute. One of them started shaking and yelping today for no reason that we know of. How to eradicate a foul odor with my dog? I also noticed she may whine while laying down even while sleeping. He was sent home with instructions to avoid stressful situations and stay in cool climates. She is 100 pounds, about 20 lbs overweight. It is about an inch in diameter and he has had it for about two weeks. Are these just dog allergic reactions? wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. IF my dog has a swollen lip and it itches and she's in pain what is it and what should be down? sometimes active but not like he used to be. My dog does that too but usually when she's falling asleep or half asleep. If your dog’s tongue is always hanging out or unable to retract, it is important to get your dog seen by your vet. Please Help, whimpering, shaking, sits in corner. Our 11 year old female Sheltand Sheepdog recently started dribbling in the house, especially at night. Thanks for your response! What do I do? It's only true hanging tongue syndrome when they can't pull it back in. My dog eats only once per day now and it's a very small amount. He is still active but just not himself. Do dogs have glands near their throat that swell when they are sick? My 4 year old border collie has a small growth that resembles a claw on her tail. My dog, as of toda,y has been acting very strange. still lacks energy but eating ok. pink drool coming from one side and tongue pale. Woman sticking out her tongue. Objects stuck in the mouth. what could cause this sudden change,healthy to half dead. I will do anything to help her, but we have limited means. Being agoraphobic, I'm not the one that walks but wanted to see his stool, so I can't say how long it's been this way. any advice would be helpful. My dog has a small purple bump on his face with swelling around it. She's first seizure was at 8 month old. Lump on leg Have been treating for mineral deposit, tear deficiency and cataracts. Any help would be appreciated! Perhaps this is a result of separation anxiety. Should we pursue a dx of possible Cushings first with a low dose dextramethasone challenge test? She is spayed. She has been given a transfusion, multiple antibiotics and tried many types of food. He has not been neutered yet. The vet had to keep her on oxygen for her not to be in seizure. My dog has a golf ball size lump on the back of his leg with a small scab on it but doesnt appear to be causing any discomfort or irritation to him. My dog looked like she was just tired, did her business ok this morning, now shes at the vets, being cared for, and all her obs are good, they cant seem to work out whats wrong? My 12 yr old lab went into a seizure or stroke after a walk. Just noticed the pee this morning when he messed in the basement along with a BM. My 15 1/2 year old Lab mix developed a cough about a month ago. Remember that veterinarians often disagree about the best treatments for pets. My 10 year old yorkie has recently not been his usual playful self. My dog is shaking uncontrollably what should I do? Can you help? Shortly after he peed in the house. My dog is a mix between lab and American bulldog. He is energetic and plays all day but it worries me that he is doing this. This can lead to loose teeth, especially the incisors, right in the front. I have a 14 year old rat terrier who, for the past couple of years, tends to vomit when nervous or eats something she's not supposed to. She can't even walk because it hurts her. She asks like it is really itchy and it has a scab on it. By using our site, you agree to our. We have sprayed it with flea spray to treat it for fleas and wondering if the spray has affected her. The best plan at this point is to schedule a thorough oral exam with your veterinarian. 2wks ago he chewed up a chicken drumstick.We did not see any signs of abnormality after.A week before this we switched his food to Acana,did not transition the food.A week after he ate the drumstick the loose stool began.Could the drumstick affect him&he is only showing signs almost 2weeks after he ate it?he is eating, drinking &playing normally.It is the drumstick concerning me it has been 2 weeks since he chewed it up. They help by reducing the size but it never goes away. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Minnesota in 1998. symptoms shivering, panting, wants to be held more and is a little weak. I don't know if she has over sniffed or if that is even possible. Babies sometimes stick their tongues out to signal hunger or fullness. My sis had a chi with no teeth and her tongue just hung out. It is about the size of a pencil eraser tip and it's clear. He's always coughed a bit, but old vet said it was just being a toy poodle. Vet tells me that the demylination and the constipation areknown problems with G.Shepherds because of the inbreeding for their low back stance. About 1 month later he started losing weight rapidly. Do we just wait or should we run tests? Do u have n idea of what mayb wrong Download this Premium Photo about Cute beagle dog with sticking out tongue wearing maple leaves hat, and discover more than 6 Million Professional Stock Photos on Freepik She has been loosing weight and muscle mass rapidly, and seems to be constipated. Someone recommended calendula cream. I am a dog groomer and deal with expressing anal sacs on a frequent basis..Today I was expressing my cocker's anals when I notice something that I felt was abnormal. What can I do? What can I do? What is going on with my dog? my 6 year old female weimaraner has very quickly manifest a cyst inside her mouth on the left side of the inner cheek. He does not have a temperature & was on Revolution last summer & was wormed last summer as well. I not long ago had him at the vet and had blood,urine and x rays done(for a different matter) and they had said that his heart looked good, so I am curious at what could be wrong? Why does she do this and can we stop it. She tilts her head to the left and is off balance. For the past couple of months my 5 year old chihuahua has been licking her paws a lot. She doesn't wanna move around too much and wines for a second when she lays down. She is 15 yrs old. Any ideas what this could be? What should I do? I just wanted to know what could be the reason and what diet to give her? Thank you.Katie. she has been tested and treated for a mite condition about 2 years ago, but she is no better. It is not too hard, kind of fatty, it doesnt seem to hurt her at all. A sweet dog has become a viral superstar - simply for poking out his tongue. What could this mean? head tremor lasting 2-3 minutes Dog There are a lot of reasons that can cause pain to a dog, such as trauma, cancer, dental problems, etc. She threw up this morning white liquid sort of thick,and her pee is dark and thick, not watery. Back to Index. Whats the best supplement to prevent Kennel Cough? what does he have? I saw him rub his butt once on the cement too. My dog is acting ill, not interested in food or doing anything, Golf ball sized lump on dog that is moveable and soft, My energetic dog is suddenly really tired and lethargic, My dog started yelping in severe pain in the middle of the night. The dog has fleas; we got rid of them. Dog heavy breathing, groaning, dry mouth, legs very cold. What should I do? what is it? He has pain in his penis. This article was co-authored by Melissa Nelson, DVM, PhD. As far as I know, he hasn't eaten anything different, but I live on a farm where he has free range, so he could have gotten into something that I don't know about. Sometimes, a dog can go through a long day of physical activity which may interfere with its regular … My 8-month old AmStaff is experiencing bleeding on his chest over the nipples. New Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces for Adults Puzzle Sets for Family Wood Puzzles Educational Toys Games Dog Stick Out Tongue Flower 75x50cm. This could be due to the dog’s breed, a mouth or jaw injury, or deformities of the mouth or teeth, among other things. My dog is allergic to fleas. Any ideas what could be wrong? Why is my late pregnant dog dripping blood? Took her to an animal hospital yesterday and the Dr. confirmed her muscles on her right side were weak and not responding well. She starts to itch & scratch only in the summer months. Just his head was moving rapidly up and down so hard his teeth would chatter. Dog testicles retracting and scrotum shriveling. She will focus for a min then the eyes will go back upwards. My morkie dog was vomiting for about 30 mins. She is current on her shots but is coming up on her first birthday. she scratches and chews at this area. However today as well as the next day we went to the vet she seems to start vomiting but nothing comes out. The veterinarian performed cystology and was suspicious of cancer. Why is my dog constipated and uncomfortable? He never used to chase them, but now he chases, shows his teeth, and even bites at them sometimes. We are VERY worried. I think he drank some salt water over the weekend. I have noticed that she has a couple of small bumps around the outside of her vaginal area. Is there any way to tell if she is in severe pain? 6 week old Dashun had bloody diarrhea,will not eat and when giving something to drink it comes out the back end. puppy (approx. She didn't used to do this until a few months ago. I noticed my dog Sam seemed really tired after he had been digging in the back yard. My dog is a shih tzu. I have a four month old German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix puppy. Seems to be just under the skin in the fleshy tissue. My 3 month old puppy was diagnosed with Kennel Cough almost a month ago, and has been on medication (antibiotic and antihistmene) ever since. Find out what it means if a baby is sticking his or her tongue out. Your thoughts please? I cleaned her and the crate. He's 11 yrs old. and gums, eyes were pale in color, Great Dane has developed lupus-like sores on one paw, Dog is in pain and won't use her right back leg, Limping, Lameness in my Australian Shepard rear leg. What can I do for my dog with bloody diarrhea? We treated it before we sent the puppy to his new home by the age of 12 weeks. My Yorkie Maltese Dog 5 years old developed a sore on her back. What would you do? After noticing discoloration on his muzzle from black to pink, I searched and found the limping and discoloration could be signs of lupus is this true? What might be the problem? A few weeks ago he had a similar incident where he seemed to suffer a mini seizure but recovered after 10 minutes or so. Dog Tongue Color Chart . Download preview Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. She will be ok for awhile and then out of nowhere she will throw up. Are there illnesses that first present with leg problems? I took him to the vet and he was treated and tested. My dog is a 7mth old Chihuahua who has never had any health issues and comes from a healthy blood line. What could this be? Please do use our site to become better informed about the medical problems your pet may have. She has been tested and cleared for all parasites and GI PCR Panel test. she's a pw corgi, with early stage kidney failure/cushing's, and she smells strongly of vinegar. The hair is gone. Is your dog … What can I do for him? He just had a spinal tap today so we are waiting on the results from that. He weighs 25-28 lbs. Could the pink skin and stomach issues be related? Is it soft but seems to keep growing. I was just wondering what this could be? Primarily the dog does this to cool off. My dog has dilated eyes, twitching limbs, diarrhea, and is acting weird. For example, your dog may be suffering from a variety of different medical conditions, or they are developing a new form of anxiety that has manifested through compulsive behavior. cant jump like he used to. A few evenings ago, I noticed she started limping on her back left leg. My dog keeps shaking her head back and forth. What do you do when the dog has beach diarrhea? What do you think is wrong with him, and how many years do these dogs live. Alternatively, play soothing music at a low volume to calm your dog down. Luckily, the condition, sometimes referred to as “hanging tongue syndrome,” is often simply a matter of being born that way, explains Dr. Holly Ahlgrim, of DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital in Portland, Oregon. My 3 month old puppy was diagnosed with Kennel Cough, Yellowish mucus coming from my 2.5 month old lab dogs nose, Maltese dog looks like he has a blood clot, My dogs left side of his face and lips have drooped. She has had runny black stools that smell really bad. Particularly if he is having difficulty breathing, his tongue will wag as he tries to draw breath. This works because the moisture evaporating off of the tongue cools the blood vessels within and is spread to the rest of the body. Also has fever, temperature is around 104?F. I have a Shar pai mix that is having tremors when she is getting up from a resting position or after cleaning herself(at least that is when I notice it). My male dahcshund has blood markings on the ground where he stays in the day. My dog got the leptospirosis vaccine this morning and tonight is very lethargic and not feeling well. Dog is panting excessively and has a bad cough. Spinning dog Good Afternoon, My dog has been diagnosed with pneumonia and bortonella after having many tests coming out negative and no lymphoma! I got up this morning and found three different piles of vomit. Should I be concerned or wait and see if it is a cold and it passes.? LY% dropping from 16.6 to 7.3 and his PLT increasing from 98 to 165. Lab tests do not show any major symptoms other than a slight elevation on liver enzymes, but nothing that our vet felt was alarming. I am noticing fluid build up in her abdomen even though she continues to eat well. I can't identify a trigger. Answers are not provided in real time. I can send you a picture of him. Large lump on my dogs leg, what could it be?? Our foster dog recently had another mange dip. I'm thinking it's a huge lipoma...o No complications with the pregnancy or labor/delivery. Thanks. He is still eating and drinking fine but has slowed down considerably. She is unresponsive, eyes closed and shallow breathing. My dog is foaming at the mouth, we looked through out the house and found nothing he could have eaten he is 8 years old. But I have recently changed brands of food from Purena to Natures Choice. Will contact my vet but would like your opinion. The problem I'm having now is she has a rash all over her belly & some of her fur fell out. There are more symptoms. My dog was at the vet and diagnosed with larangeal paralysis, My dog has a cyst inside her mouth should I get it removed, Our 11yr old dog has been loosing weight and muscle mass rapidly. She also has a breathing tube down her throat, to help her breathe. Dog with balance problems, lack of sleep and eating disrupted, Dog yelping when walking, lethargic, doesn't eat or drink. The father is a rat terrier, same size as she is. my female dog is 5 years old. I cleaned her ears thinking it was an infection, but they are clean. this is not normal behavior for her. high liver enzyme count, rapid weight lose, and constipation? I read that when they are about to go into heat this can happen. Even when she sits, she always shaking.This happen about 4 days ago, and I brought her to vet in my city. Have found some skinny brown little worm like thing around my dogs stool what might it be? He is acting disoriented; he eats, drinks, sleeps, pees and poops, but is like a drunk walking. its not flopping out the side of his mouth, its sticking straight out. I am getting him in on Monday to check him out. Any ideas? My 3yr old German Shorthaired Pointer has been throwing up several mornings a week, yellow bile. We gave him two pills as instructed that night. Dog with excessive urinating and drinking. Her gums are a light pink and she is stumbling and falling as she tries to walk her feet come out from under her as if she cant control it. He also hacks and clears his throat sometimes bringing up clear or yellowish phlem. i took her to the vet and they did blood work and they say she has heart worms. He is much to young. We are thinking about getting rid of her because we can't make her better. Here are some discolorations in the tongue to watch out for: Red tongue – Can be the bacterial infection, diabetes, fever, bladder or kidney problems, hyperthyroidism, cancer or accumulation of toxins in the body. Answer (1 of 16): "There are a number of possible reasons for a dog to act in this way, it always best to see a qualified veterinarian to find out exactly what is causing your dog to act in any peculiar manner and never to attempt to give your dog medicine or perform any sort of medical procedure without first consulting a vet. He stumbles and falls, seems disoriented at times, and when we get home he will walk and lean on walls to keep his balance. However she still has low liver values, anemia, low TP. 9 month old pit mix, she has developed a golf ball size lump or cyst near her teats that burst last night. Should I take him into vets? I don't know what she could have done, since she hasnt been chasing anything and hasn't been running around too much lately. They were in a line ( kinda like a varicous vein and a little bumpy but no fur on top of it was normal.He aspirated it and said the fluid was clear and it was a cyst. Is lethargy a side effect of the leptospirosis vaccination? Could this be anal gland infection, not his back again? Could this mean she lacks something in her diet or is it something else? His leg is still stiff and he is limping, and he seems unusually anxious. I've only seen it a few times over the course of2 years or but tonight its been much worse than usual. He has also been on meds. He acts his normal self and is not limping or acting as though the foot is tender. Thanks. he has all of his teeth still. My 5 year old Sheepdog cross has a small pea-sized lump on the top of his paw which as started to ooze a white/yellow pus. Our 1 year old Wolf Hybrid has had diarrhea for about 10 days now. He seems to recover quickly and then is back to his regular lovey self. His routine is normal and his vet has completely ignored my concerns saying pretty much dogs puke, he's fine. What do you think?? & i cant even find toys that he cant eat! He has been lying around and has not eaten. 5 Reasons for Your Dog’s Tongue Sticking Out . Thank you very much for your kindness. We we also gave a cold bath prior to shivering. My dog has a red, swollen anus with small abrasions around it. Help?! He is not overweight and has always been exercised.. my 3 year old dog suddenly started trembling and loss of balance that lasted about 15 minutes. She is still bleeding off and on. My dog started yelping every time she gets up from laying down. Please do not use our site to attempt to diagnose or treat your pet. Dog is eating well, bathroom well, active, doesn't act like he is in pain, just has this lump on his leg. My puppy is perfectly fine she eats well, her poop is okay and she is happy as always. When she was to be spayed on 3/22 she turned blue when the general anesthesia was administered (she did get the pre-meds), hence the procedure was aborted. Source(s): He now will not even try to eat and we have been forced to feed him a slurry. His face is tilted and swollen along with his paws and he can't walk. Dog acts drunk and is uncoordinated, most tests negative. She has been like this for over 4 days, since yesterday she hasn't been eating. Lately it is losing its color and turning pink mainly under her nose, is there something wrong or is this normal? Everything has come back normal but the spots have come back. As your dog slips more deeply into sleep, he may simply relax so much that his mouth and tongue just hang out. My dog doesn't have EPI; what else might it be? After she has "bled", it stops for the entire day until the next morning.Any ideas? While there is no cure for cognitive dysfunction, therapy, medication, and support can help your dog maintain a close-to-normal life and may help reduce some symptoms. There are several reasons why your dog is sticking out his tongue: Panting Hanging tongue syndrome Tonguing Oral cancers and other masses Severe dental disease Help. Now he eats again and tries to get up, but his front limbs won't carry him. My beagle is 14 years old and has always enjoyed great health. Any help would be great. My two year old lab, chow, and shepherd mix started drooling a lot then suddenly threw up and was panting. I have noticed this also if he tries to play with another dog though the episodes do not seem as bad. our dog is fighting to breath,panting,he had rapid weight loss,gums are grayish ,very weak,falls if he gets in too big hurry.,just stares and pants. rapid heart rate I recently adopted a Brussels Griffon Terrier mix, 13 pounds, est. She's a 10 years old pom mixed.I been giving her twice a day a small amount of plain yogurt thinking it might help with what ever she has.She's in a Science Dog food diet and I mixed it with lean chicken breast. My dogs feces was black at the ends and yellow in the middle, and it crumbled like charcoal when I picked it up. She was hospitalized about a year ago eating ant poison. I petted her earlier and rubbed her windpipe this made her sound like she was choking more. We love our dog An old search-and-rescue dog, the loss of control upsets her; she knows it's wrong (we never punish her). Are there ways so that it doesn't worsen? Does my dog have an elongated palate? could this be her anal sacs? If so what would most likely cause this in such a young boxer? My year old tibetan terrier -female - was excreting mucus from her rear. Is this Hanging Tongue Syndrome? I checked her paw to make sure she had no cuts or anything stuck in it. His energy levels are so low! and she has blood in her urine. What could this be?His history: I have had him for 6 months. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. My dog was groaning a lot, then her breathing was very heavy and fast, and then her legs and mouth went very very cold. A few times. It's sort of like a chest a cold that a human would have. What could possibly be causing her to limp? Three days later, one side softened, but developed an open sore. Hi Vets, I have a 6 year old French Bulldog that bleeds from her anus.Temperment is great and she eats regularly.Stool is clean.Happens only in the morning.Continues for ~3hrs in waves then she is fine for the remainder of the day.
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